Bench Warrants

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Bench warrants are not the same as arrest warrants. Rather, a bench warrant is issued by a judge in direct response to a defendant who has missed their scheduled court date. A bench warrant from the state of Maryland will appear in all 50 U.S. states, and remains active until quashed by the court.

A judge may quash a bench warrant depending on the following:

  • The nature of your charges
  • Your reason for failing to appear on your scheduled court date
  • If you have a prior history of failing to appear

An experienced lawyer can file a Motion to Recall the Bench Warrant, which removes the warrant and sets a new court date. While no criminal defense attorney in Maryland can guarantee your bench warrant will be removed, I, Mark G. Scheuerman, have successfully written many of these motions. Depending on your original criminal charge, you may be subject to enhanced penalties for your failure to appear. Don’t leave your future to chance.

If you are aware of a bench warrant for your arrest, time is of the essence: Hire an experienced Baltimore criminal defense lawyer from my firm at (410) 630-4274 today, or contact me online for a free consultation.

What Should I Do if I Have a Bench Warrant in Maryland?

You may need a criminal defense attorney if you have missed your trial date and a bench warrant has been issued. A police officer may arrest you the same day you failed to appear, but you can be sure you’ll eventually land on police radar, if not immediately, then soon. If you fail to turn yourself in, you are subject to being arrested and taken to jail by law enforcement. You have options once you become aware of your bench warrant: You can hire a lawyer to help you, or simply turn yourself in to jail on your own. My recommendation is not to turn yourself in before you hire a lawyer. I can help you formulate your next steps in fighting the bench warrant and your original criminal charge(s).

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