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Reviews from Happy Clients

At Scheuerman Law, LLC, we are firm believers in careful and thorough preparation for all our cases. During your initial free confidential case consultation, we will discuss with you the all the particulars of your situation, your goals as we move forward, and your available options. We are here to address your legal issues and concerns, and Mark Scheuerman am proficient in Spanish.

    "If you want to win, you want Mark Scheuerman and his team."
    If you want to win, you want Mark Scheuerman and his team.
    - Anna O.
    "I felt very at ease with Mark representing me."
    I felt very at ease with Mark representing me and will definitely use him in the future.
    - Terry H.
    "Amazing Attorney"
    Amazing attorney who will fight to the end for justice! Thank you for all you do!
    - Kelly
    "Best lawyer hands down!"
    Very professional. He Genuinely cares. He listen to all our concerns and knows a lot.
    - Mike
    "Very polite and communicative"
    He responded back immediately, and was very polite and communicative the whole time!
    - Savannah P
    "Knows what he's doing!"
    I appreciate the time and attention that Mr. Saleh put into my case. I hope I won't be needing their services again in the future, but I would absolutely contact them again if I do.
    - Jessica M
    I just wanted to thank you from the "bottom of my heart", you are an incredible, amazing person, and a powerfully skilled Attorney. Words can't even describe how important that outcome meant to me, I hope to go forward with my life, I realize, that would have NOT been possible, 🙏without God and your presence on that day. This whole situation has altered my life forever, my career as a RN and a future Psychologist, was all in your hands that day, and you wheeled it, you kept your promised. You remained honest with me about my case...and that is priceless. "Some mistakes take on the form of eternity". I am a little tearful writing this, forgive me if I miss words. You where blessed by God, with a team of Attorneys that found you Mark, you are genuine, stay that way! I was gifted with reading people, in my journey through I came across some intense deceivers, especially, some that I even treat. I saw compassion during our eye to eye contact, and I knew I could trust you. I know you meet many, of unfavorable in character, but your gift to decipher is an attribute, one that becomes of you. My father loved this quote by Aristotle, he passed in 2005, I fits you. I shall pass on your name for years to come, even though this is one incident in my life that I would like to forget! Thank you again, and God Bless you and your family. Mark, you are building a responsible team of Attorneys, Keep up the great work! YOU ROCK MARK!
    - Anna M.
    "Real pro and excellent service."
    Real pro and excellent service.
    - RK
    "Thank you!"
    I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you have done to help me!!! I'm so grateful toward you for all of your help!!! My mom also said to tell you she thanks you as well!! Thanks.
    - K.
    "Thanks, Mark."
    Only need two words: top notch.
    - Michael
    ""A TRUE WINNER!!!!!!""
    Words cannot describe alone how Mark saved my life. Mark made me feel at ease and that everything would be ok. He was a constant professional. My advice to everyone is if Mark tells you to do something do it he knows what he is talking about. In court Mark worked magic everything was drooped and now I still have my job. Thank you so much Mark, you truly are a winner.
    - Eric R.
    I'm a business professional who felt like they had everything to lose. Minutes after meeting Mark, I knew he was the right attorney to help me through this trying time. Mark has a great reputation and good rapport with not only the judges and prosecutors but often the police officers as well. Based on the individual circumstances of my case, Mark laid out plan for me to complete prior to my court date. The end result could not have been more favorable and far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend hiring Mark Scheuerman.
    - S.
    "Great attorney."
    Mark was very professional and helped me understand my situation perfectly. Also beat my case with no problem.
    - Alex
    "Great attorney!!!"
    My guy Mark is a blessing from above. He helped me with everything regarding my case. He's very intelligent and helpful to his clients. I hope to never have to meet him in another court room but hopefully a lounge cause he's the coolest lawyer ever.
    - Joseph
    "Professional, Compassionate and an Extremely Excellent Attorney!"
    I was arrested on a Friday night and I called Mark on Saturday morning. Mark met with me that afternoon. Throughout the MVA hearing and my trial, Mark was professional, caring and compassionate. I was facing multiple traffic violations and a 2nd DUI. Needless to say, I was scared and my future uncertain. Mark explained to me what I had to do to prepare and how he would proceed with my case. Mark always made me feel like we were on this journey together. I never felt alone. At the MVA hearing, Mark saved my license and at my trial, Mark saved my life! Mark's representation of my case was so well presented the judge reduced my charge to a PPJ with no points on my driving record. I am still in amazement what Mark was able to accomplish. Mark truly cares about his clients. He is not only an excellent attorney but a wonderful caring person. I highly recommend Mark and will utilize his law firm again should the need ever arise.
    - Jim
    "Highly recommend!"
    Mark was a great fit for me, as a lawyer. Right from the beginning I felt comfortable with him and he felt confident we could win my case. Mark kept in touch and always returned my calls and emails quickly. He came fully prepared to court and ready for trial, my case was dismissed and my record cleared. I would definitely recommend him for anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation. Thank you!
    - B.
    "Thank you for my new beginning."
    I was facing 13 violations of my probation. Mark put my mind at ease and just made me feel like it was going to be ok. He definitely put in the work before the court date so we almost knew what to expect. And he literally made it ALL go away. Thanks to Mark I can marry my Fiance without having anything hanging over my head, and we can make a fresh start in life!!! I cannot thank Mark enough, he gave me the freedom I needed. Mark will not do wrong by you, so hire him if you want a fighting chance.
    - Ashleigh R.
    "2nd time happy customers!!!!"
    We were really nervous about what my fiancé was facing, with 13 violations. Mark gave us so much confidence in the possible outcome that the day of court, we could almost relax. Choosing to hire Mark was a no-brainer, and he got her off probation and free and clear. We will NEVER use another attorney, Mark will never let us down. If you're worried about the outcome in your case, hire Mark!!!!
    - Ash & Dave R.
    "The best there is."
    Facing 4 charges against me, including DWI and DUI which if charged I would lose my job. Mark was excited from Day 1 that we have a great case and he is going to do what he can to make sure that we get the best outcome for me, he gave me very detailed instructions on how to help better my case so that we can be prepared in court. Long story short, we beat the case and it was a complete acquittal. Thank you for everything Mark, I recommend you to anybody.
    - Ves
    "Truly amazing!"
    I'm so glad I chose Mark he is truly amazing at what he does .
    - Meli
    "Outstanding legal representation!"
    I was recently rear-ended on the beltway by a disbarred attorney. This person claimed that I was at fault due to road rage. The state trooper sided with the person who struck me. This resulted in 6 citations, 9 points on my driving record and $1000 in fines. If the charges would have stuck, I would have lost my license. My entire family would have been severely affected not to mention my livelihood. Thank God I chose Mark Scheuerman to represent me in court! Mark did an outstanding job examining all aspects of the charges, as well as the facts of the case. Having never experienced being in a courtroom before, he went above and beyond to prepare me for the trial. The result of his hard work was a complete acquittal. I can't speak highly enough of Attorney Scheuerman.
    - Bill
    "Mark Is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    I was really sweating my ticket for 106 in a 55. Mark showed up, handled his business and got me a FULL ACQUITTAL. This man knows the law and forces the state to meet its burden of proof, like I've never seen before. Priced very fairly and you can't get better representation, believe me, I have tried. I have used a lot of attorneys but none took care of me like this man. I will never use another, that's for sure. Thanks Mark!!!!
    - Dave R.
    "Mark is the man!"
    Mark took care of all the heavy lifting of my speeding ticket. While going to school in Maryland, I attained a speeding ticket in a school zone. Soon after I moved back to my home state of New York, and lost the ticket during the move. Soon enough I was notified my license was going to be suspended in the state of New York as well as Maryland. Mark took care of the issue over the phone with me , went to court for me against a tough judge and the police officer had shown up. Mark got it to a probation before judgement and I actually got a refund on the fine I paid to the court! Mark is the man! If I ever have another traffic issue in the state of MD. (fingers crossed), Mark will be my first phone call!
    - Daniel O.
    "One extraordinary lawyer."
    Mark Scheuerman is absolutely the best attorney to call whenever you're in need of counsel in any legal situation. He represented me after I was charge with a serious traffic violation. To my surprise, thanks to Mark, the outcome was very successful! Mr. Scheuerman is extremely knowledgeable about the law, but he also has a personable and zealous disposition. He is easily accessible too! I would highly recommend him to any in need of professional legal services. In a word, he's extraordinary!!
    - Derrick E.
    "Phenomenal Lawyer that produces the best results for his clients. Worth every penny!"
    Mark Scheurman is one of the best lawyers to have in your corner in tough situations. He wants the best for his clients and produces great results. Under his representation, he always assured me that I was in good hands no matter how much I worried. He listened to me kept me well informed of my rights and options. Long story short I was given 13 citations by a cop after my car was crashed into the sidewalk even though I was not the driver. The citations alone were enough to revoke my license and included $1,300 worth of fines; furthermore, 2 of the citations carried a jail sentence up to 2 months each. I have never been in trouble before and never experienced any of this, but Mark handled everything. The day before court he called and told me he convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all13 citations because she did not have enough evidence to prove I was the driver and the only thing I had to was show up to court. Next thing I know, in court, the prosecutor dismissed every single citation as well as all the fines and I left with a clear record and not having to pay a penny. I'm so grateful for Mark because he really saved me from a bad situation that I was ready to plead guilty to even though I didn't do it because I was scared of the consequences if I didn't win. But he told me he would never let me plead guilty to something I didn't do and he handled it. He really is a blessing and I' m thankful for him and his representation. He knows the law and has a real passion for helping his clients. Thanks again Mark!!!!!! You are greatly appreciated.
    - Courtney
    "Knowledgeable and great communicator."
    I got a speeding ticket in a different state and Mark did a fantastic job of explaining my options to me and delivering the best result. He was clearly very knowledgeable on the subject matter and our conversations were concise and to-the-point. Would highly recommend.
    - Noah
    "I am so thankful Mark represented me."
    One to describe Mark's representation was AWESOME! Being a first time offender for driving while under a suspended drivers license Mark gave me more than enough assurance that everything was going to be okay. I was so nervous about going to court. When I reached the court room Mark had already settled everything with the states attorney office. Having my case dismissed! I am truly impressed by Mark's professionalism. He was very knowledgeable also educated me throughout the entire process. I am so thankful Mark represented me. He showed me why it is important to have a lawyer represent you. When you could be facing some maximum penalties including jail time. I will be sure to spread his good work.
    - Morgan C.
    "He goes that extra mile for his clients."
    We Wilmer and Virginia Menjivar want to let the whole world know that Mr. Mark Scheuerman is the best attorney ever. He is very informative, helpful, and what makes him outstanding is that he is very confident. He knows his job, but most important can help anyone and guide anyone out of worries. Mr. Mark has a very well presentation and makes you feel sure of everything. He also has good prices. He is affordable and reasonable. He goes that extra mile for his client and best of all answers all your calls. Mr. Mark is the best!!!!!!!! God bless him and keep him in his career. Thanks Mr. Mark for a job well done and for your great work.
    - Virginia
    "Perfect is the only thing I can say."
    Best lawyer to have by far , works with you , easy to get ahold of literally everything the whole process couldn't have gone any better I HIGHLY recommend to any one who needs a lawyer
    - Happy Client
    "This man is a miracle maker!!!!"
    I absolutely loved Mark's services! He was very professional and efficient. He is a results driven lawyer who gets the job done. He legal fees are affordable and he really works for his clients. I would recommend him for any type of case. My family and I are completely satisfied with his work and can vouch for him as being the best attorney in the area. I am Very lucky to have met him. There is no other attorney I have used this far who can compete.
    - Heather Davis
    "He is the best!"
    He is the best!!!! I had quite a few traffic tickets, and my license was suspended 11 times when we first started. I was facing jail time. He not only spent two hours showing me what to do to get it back, when we went to court today I only was given a ppj!!!!!
    - Lauri Mcclellan
    "Excellent results - highly recommended - would use again."
    Mark Scheuerman represented me for a traffic violation in Harford County. Facing 5 points, a large fine, plus living over 100 miles away from the incident court, I decided to hire an attorney to represent me. The cost of Mark's representation more than offset what I would have paid for increased auto insurance premiums for the years to come. Despite Harford being one of the toughest courts on traffic violations and a previous conviction on my record, Mark was able to get me probation before judgment (PBJ), which means zero points! My fine was also significantly reduced. Another huge plus was I didn't even need to attend my trial which prevented missing a full day off work and 200+ mile round trip. If I get another traffic violation in the Baltimore area I will definitely be calling again. Thanks.
    - Neal V.
    "Great attorney."
    Mark did a great job getting me a favorable outcome. He communicated with me throughout the process so I could rest easy and not worry about what could have happened. Thank you again Mark and I recommend Mark to anyone who needs an attorney.
    - Jeff R.
    "Excellent attorney."
    I received a speeding ticket on 95 in Baltimore recently, and I retained Mark Scheuerman to represent me in Maryland court. Mark was thorough and professional during the entire process, and secured a favorable judgement on my behalf. I highly recommend Mark and also highly recommend retaining the services of an attorney if you have been issued a speeding ticket in the State of Maryland.
    - Scott A.
    "I love this company."
    Mr. Mark Scheuerman is a great, great lawyer. Knows his stuff, & knows how's he is going to get it. Very hard working man for every single one of his clients & he's got a lifetime one in me. Thank you Mr. Mark!
    - Devonte P.
    "Great representation."
    Mark made a very stressful circumstance a piece of cake. He accurately assessed my situation in our initial consult and what he predicted is exactly what happened ... Case dismissed. He was thorough, patient, knowledge, sincere and honest. While sitting in court i observed the behavior and demeanor of the other lawyers with their clients... No interaction or personal attention. I will recommend Mark anyone he can help. Very pleased
    - Gabe S.
    "Awesome lawyer."
    Thank you sincerely Mark for your outstanding work. compassion and attention to detail. Without you we would not have received the amazing and favorable outcome. Mark Scheuerman is a First Class lawyer and we highly recommend him to anyone going through the frightening time of facing criminal charges. From the moment we met with him in his office he professionally answered all our questions and explained the process in a way to help us understand and to put us at ease. Don't delay and hire Mark, you will no doubt be as extremely grateful and impressed as we will forever remain.
    - Daisy H.
    ""Quick on his feet.""
    Mark represented my son in traffic court and then at an MVA hearing. Prior to my sons name being called at traffic court, he asked to speak to the State Trooper outside the court room, and struck a deal right then and there. He was both professional and very knowledgeable about MVA laws. Both instances we had very good outcomes. Hopefully, this will be the last time we need him, however, I highly recommend Mark!!!!
    - Karen T.
    "Great Lawyer!"
    Whew, I was really worried. He did a wonderful job in court and reduced my BIG speeding ticket. I highly recommend Mark Scheuerman.
    - Frank Grassi
    "Effective, Precise and Thorough!!"
    Mr. Scheuerman was an effective lawyer who gave great legal advise and consultation with great results. He exceeds expectation with aggressive strategy and precision. I would definitely recommend his services to others. Never go to court by yourself, at the risk of points and increase insurance rates. Mark save me from these penalties, and he can help you too.
    - Hans
    "Quick and effective results."
    I was faced with multiple speeding tickets with penalties resulting in numerous and costly fines as well as possible jail time. these charges were accumulated in two counties. Mark was beyond professional, he, in each case, exceeded expectation. Because of his quick and effective results, I was able to resolve all issues, avoid steep fines and penalties with NO jail time. If you value your name, money, and freedom, Mark Sheuerman will get results for you.
    - Jeffery Savage
    "Mark works great!"
    Mark G Scheuerman is friendly and shows that he honestly cares for his clients and that its not about the money. A lot of my other experiences with lawyers have left me feeling like they just wanted to get in your pockets, Mark doesn't give you that feeling at all. Mark gives you a sense of security always checking up and you and making sure that both parties are taking the proper steps in your case. He also gives great recommendations to accommodate your appearance in court and to help you present yourself at the highest standard. On top of being friendly and very professional he gets the job done, and from my own personal experience, getting me exactly what I asked for and a lot of times, lawyers cant make that happen for you. I have the upmost respect for this man and if I ever needed a lawyer in the future I will be returning to employee this gentleman and referring any friends or family to this man. Thanks again Mark, you helped me to keep my life on track, You sir are amazing.
    - Chris McLaughlin
    "You want Mark Scheuerman on your side."
    This Lawyer is great and very professional and cares about his clients. If you ever need an attorney that know how to get the job you want Mark Scheuerman on your side, when I first met with him before I sat down in his office he was hired at hello. I really mean what I'm saying from the bottom of my heart he is a great Lawyer very reasonable and he is a Lawyer and a man of his word. Mark Scheuerman do not go in COURT WITHOUT HIM.
    - Rob
    "Mark was extremely helpful."
    Mark was extremely helpful with my traffic court case. He was thorough and professional, and the end result was what I needed. He made sure I was involved throughout the whole process. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
    - Bryan E.
    "Made a great difference in our lives!"
    Following numerous frustrating experiences with Maryland State bureaucracies, we engaged Mark's services to resolve an important identity issue. Mark worked with the Assistant State's Attorney responsible for the state agency involved, and was able to resolve our issue within 6 weeks. We had been trying to solve this problem for over a year! Thanks Mark, for helping us with this important issue, which made a great difference in our lives!
    - Ellen
    "I felt very confident in his ability to represent me."
    I contacted Mark via email regarding several traffic violations. He responded that same day and was able to meet with me in person the next evening! Mark is very personable and knowledgeable and I felt very confident in his ability to represent me. He was well prepared for my hearings and was able to secure the best possible outcomes. I will definitely recommend Mark to any of my friends or family needing legal counsel.
    - Keely S.
    "I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends."
    Hi Mark, I really appreciate your legal assistance on my traffic case today. You are reliable and dedicated to your services, unveiling the high level of professionalism in you. I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and families when necessary. Thanks once again. - Bernard
    - Bernard
    "Mark did an outstanding job with my case."
    Mark did an outstanding job with my case. He involved all along the way but also got the optimum results for me! I can guarantee I will utilize Mark for any and all legal matters [that] may come my way!
    - Mary
    "Mark Scheuerman is, in every way, a fantastic lawyer."
    Mark Scheuerman is, in every way, a fantastic lawyer. He represented me two days in a row, and within a week of being hired. Both court dates had nothing short of fantastic outcomes. He really cares about people, and it shows in the way he conducts himself in and out of the courtroom. He just loves what he does, which makes the process much more smooth. His prices were extremely fair as well, considering the caliber of work you're getting out of it.
    - William
    "Great attorney! Highly recommend!"
    Mark was extremely helpful. He made me feel like I was in good hands as soon as I met him. The ending results were fantastic, he worked endlessly to help me as much as he could. I highly recommend Mark to anyone in need of an attorney.
    - Tommy
    "Reseable and still the best."
    Mr. Scheuerman was great. When we spoke over the phone and he made claims that he could get me this and that. Then when we got to court thats what he did and more. Not only can he keep his word but he was fair on the price of his service. Proving that the most expensive lawyer aren't the best. I am so glad i choose him to represent me.
    - Floyd
    "Best lawyer!"
    Mark is an excellent lawyer. He helped me beat my case. I didn't get any points on my license or any violations. Everyone should go to him for help, he will beat any case! Very thankful for his help.
    - Nurillo Ismailov
    "Active and Honest"
    Attorney Scheuerman did a fantastic job before the case to organize all the pieces need for a fair outcome in my trial. He was active and honest in all aspects of the case both inside and outside of the courtroom. Attorney Scheurerman was articulate and thorough in the courtroom as well. I highly recommend Mark as an advocate because he really did put in the hard work to get the best result possible. Thank you!
    - Josh P.
    "Matt Kunka is simply the best."
    Matt Kunka came highly recommended to me by several personal and professional references who had themselves encountered varying degrees of DUI/DWI and traffic-related charges. Kunka's expertise in diligently representing clients begins with examining even the most acute details of a pending case, getting to know his client, partnering with his client to gain a mutual understanding of the circumstances leading to the current predicament, and exploring all potential options for pursuing a most favorable outcome. Matt takes his years of expertise in representing the accused and translates this to ensuring that the client has a thorough understanding of the charges he or she has incurred, as well as a realistic understanding of the possibilities for how to best remedy the situation at hand. He was able to offer me tried-and-true options for how we might work together to improve my own chances of a favorable outcome under daunting and unsavory circumstances. I was facing significant fines, probable jail time, potential loss of employment, and marked damage to my own reputation as an upstanding member of our community. Matt offered me options as for how I might work to preserve my own reputation, improve my own life, and have tangible proof to offer the court that I took diligent measures in response to the circumstances surrounding my own pending charges. Matt was caring, thoughtful, personally invested in my well being, and genuinely interested in seeing a favorable outcome - not only in my upcoming court case, but in my life. Matt was pragmatic and realistic about setting personal goals for myself, preserving my reputation in the community, and doing all I could do to set myself up for success in beating the likely odds in a difficult and trying time in my life. Because I followed his guidance that stems from years of experience in defending and guiding his clientele, I am proud to say that I saw an outstanding outcome in my court case, and was able to make difficult but proactive and necessary changes in my own life. Aside from the regrettable circumstances that led me to Matt Kunka's representation, I am a better man, a known & active cornerstone member of the local substance abuse recovery community, and am altogether better for my experience in working with Matt. I highly recommend him to any potential client seeking decisive, knowledgeable, and invested legal representation
    - J.D.S.
    "Very Professional"
    I would highly recommend Mark and his staff to anyone that ask me for a lawyer to handle a auto accident why Mark and his staff are very professional early train very courteous and keep the clients well informed once Mark and his staff had settle my case and told me the amount that I was due why I was in TOTAL SHOCK the highest amount that I have ever received and thanks for for dedicated and hard work and effort that you put into this/ my case JIM
    - Rodney Sampson
    "BEST Lawyers in Town"
    I highly recommend these lawyers!!! If you want a powerful, knowledgeable, and a winner you must hire them.
    - Susan Thomas
    "Best lawyer to have in Court"
    Help a good friend out in court won his case! Best to have on your side.
    - Monica
    "say what you mean meN whT you say"
    Excellent attorneys. Very professional and detailed. They don't missed anything.
    - Denise
    "Best Attorney's Around"
    - Debra Allen
    "I highly Recommend this law firm. The lawyer is competent and well able to provide defense in court."
    They are complete and concise. They know the law and will defend you within the confines of the law.
    - Kellie Vaughan
    My name is Patrick Shiflett and I was arrested approximately December 23 2018. I am a combat veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan, and did one Humanitarian mission to Bosnia in which I conducted security for medics, doctors, and politicians. Unfortunately, during Iraq I went into cardiac arrest, died, and I was revived. I still went to Afghanistan and rolled my vehicle on a mountain during a fire fight. I was prescribed Benzodiazepines, ambient, and Percocet with a bunch of other pills totaling eighteen altogether. Let's just say I went from from a two time combat veteran, received Bachelors Degree in Health and Human Services with 3.5 GPA (top ten percent), and received and Associate Degree in General Ed. I went from being on top of the world as married with child, supervisor, speed track career, bank full of money, house, and everything anyone seemingly would want except happiness. So I would up getting addicted to the pain pills and the anxiety medicine, as well as drinking. I was petrified, truly scared. I wound up getting an honorable discharge from the military through the grace of God, and I refused to give up anything, but because of my anxiety I procrastinated on getting a lawyer. I was terrified because of my Combat PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, and Severe Anxiety. I tried to will my way through the drugs to cope but couldn't. They took me over fast and in a hurry. I finally heard of this lawyer firm through my brother's friend Casey. Casey told me about Mr. Matthew Kunka, so without anything to lose I gave him a call. From the first conversation, I like Mr. Kunka because he was down to Earth and did not treat me like a drug addict, junkie, criminal or someone who did not deserve help. He reminded me of a younger man, early thirties, who was geared to get out there, win cases for his clients and firm, and make a name for himself. It did not seem like he was just there for the job. He immediately called me back and stayed in contact with me the whole time on the phone. He gave me advice on treatment centers where I could bang out addiction treatment, but I was ahead of the game with that because of the Veterans Administration. One of his helpers was a former prosecutor, who also could not have been more professional. Again, this man told me how it was not my fault and how he believed big pharmaceutical played a part in the opioid crisis than cut us off leaving us to the heroin bought on the street, and the same goes for the Benzos. The Benzos worked for me but the VA did not believe in them so I went to the street after being cut off from them after using them for a month. And Franklin Square was the ones with the Percocet, but the Army did not want me on them. Anyway, Mr. Kunka had me bring him all of the paperwork needed in advance from military awards, to degrees, to the six programs I went through for inpatient and outpatient drug addiction. Mr. Kunka and his team were always on my side even knowing I got caught with a drug. He argued there was no reason for the officer to just stop me for walking down the street, he argued that I was one hundred percent disabled, he argued I was a supervisor and model citizen to this point, and most of all he argued that is would be a disservice to put me behind bars or furthermore on probation. He believe I did nothing to deserve any of this. While he agreed I need help and will be fighting this disease forever, prison would just make me worse and give me a record when trying to become a Federal Employee.As far as the court date and trial I was contacted several times, to include the day before trial, so I knew it was all good. Mr. Kunka showed up fifteen minutes early to court and immediately had me get my papers together, as he talked with the State's Attorney and another gentleman helping her (not sure his title). But, Mr. Kunka was friends with both of them or at least great acquaintances. At first PBJ was recommended, but Mr. Kunka was not going to let that happen without a fight. So, he gave all of my accolades to the gentleman and states attorney, and than he read a copy of the police report, to which he replied was written by someone in elementary school, and that was the same way it was handled. After proving his point on the police report, Mr. Kunka asked if the case could be a Stet and dropped. The states attorney thought for about five minutes and said "how about 24 hours community service in addition?" I replied with an absolutely that would be lovely and I am truly grateful and humble. I could not have been more happy with my lawyer team. I was a little skeptical at first when Mr. Mark Scheuerman told me to relax and he was going to try and get it dropped, and that this court house was his playing field. I honestly thought he was blowing smoke to get money, but that is not the case and never was. I paid 2000,00 and that is it, not Probation, court costs, fines, etcetera. Now, he said he could have probably got me found not guilty, but I was happy enough with the verdict in hand. I went thirty-five years with just traffic violation and being detained for fighting when younger, but never anything serious. I just got caught up in the world of pharmaceutical drugs which led to street drugs, and they are all the same. So, with that said this has been my best experience by far with a lawyer and in court. He knew what he was doing, there was no doubt, and if he did not know he wrote it down and got back to me. He is a true professional and believes in the core values of excellence in all he does, integrity first, and service before self. I recommend him to anyone and if you need to talk I will leave my email and name. And I do that for credibility. I can write all day but if it is anonymous it means nothing to me. Very Respectfully, Retired TSgt Patrick Sean Shiflett
    - Patrick Sean Shiflett
    "Incredible Law Office"
    Matt Kunka is a phenomenal lawyer and extremely knowledgeable. Throughout this experience he has gone above and beyond. At all times he kept me informed and confident that everything will be resolved in my favor. He fought every step of the way for me and we were successful in court. I would highly recommend Mr. Kunka to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. Everyone at the office is extremely kind and compassionate. Matt thank you for everything sir. Steve C.
    - Steve C
    Mark is an incredible attorney. He is passionate about his cases. He has and is continuing to fight for me and I couldn't be happier with the support he gives. He goes above and beyond to stand by me and I appreciate everything he and his team does. Our chance meeting has truly become a blessing.
    - Joe
    "The BEST Law Firm"
    I was lucky enough to obtain legal representation by Matt Kunka. He is honest, up front and fought for me in court just as he promised. I was facing jail time and he did everything possible to help me. I ended up with probation. I will recommend Matt to everyone that will ever need legal representation. Thanks Matt!!!
    - Zachary
    "Deep and sincere gratitude"

    Personal deep and sincere gratitude for your handling of M’s case and the outcome you obtained. My belief is that the favorable outcome was derived from your professional and personal characteristics:

    • Your understanding of not only the law but the workings of the court system is very professional and experienced. You gave excellent, truthful advice.

    • You have the ability to discern lies from the truth.

    • Your sense of timing was accurate and clear.

    • Most importantly, you stressed at every turn that keeping M calm and engaged was the most important priority. While renovations were being done on his house, we discovered a serious gas leak. This is the real silver lining of this whole case ordeal. Had the charges not been filed, we never would have been renovating the house and discovered this dangerous gas leak.

    M is a far better person today than before this situation started. Thank you and your staff a million times over.

    - M. S.
    "Made the right choice"

    From the moment I chose Mr.Saleh just looking at his wonderful reviews online and speaking to him on the phone personally I knew I made the right choice. He gave me his personal number and let me know if I need ANYTHING just call or text him. I was frantic about the whole situation as this was my second DUI. Mr.Saleh arrived at the courthouse and said he’ll take it from there and that is exactly what he did. We were in and out of the courthouse within 5 minutes with all charges dropped. If you need a DUI lawyer choose Mr.Saleh and you will know you are in good hands. I couldn’t be more thankful.

    - Alexia F
    "Looked out for me"

    I came upon Arya after my first serious encounter with law enforcement and he really helped me through the entirety of this situation. If you need a DUI defense attorney, Arya is your guy. Arya’s amazing litigating and attention to detail helped me get a case where I was in an unlucky situation, thrown out. Arya has looked out for me every step of the way and there is simply no one better than him in Maryland when it comes to DUI defense.

    - Jalen G
    "Best lawyer ever"

    Mr.Saleh is the best lawyer ever. He gave me the best classes and things I need to do before my court day. I did everything he asked and it got my case dismissed. No jail time, no points and a reduced fine. I was so appreciative for Mr.Saleh he was the best. I definitely recommend his services.

    - Destinee G
    "Definitely recommend"

    Mr.Saleh is the best lawyer ever. He gave me the best classes and things I need to do before my court day. I did everything he asked and it got my case dismissed. No jail time, no points and a reduced fine. I was so appreciative for Mr.Saleh he was the best. I definitely recommend his services.

    - Destinee G
    "I am happy with this outcome"

    Arya Saleh has been a huge relief to me in this horrible situation. I got arrested for for a DUI after a night out to dinner, having a few drinks too many. This was by far the absolute worst experience of my life. I am a professional, educated, and I felt like one irresponsible decision was about to ruin everything that I worked so hard for. Immediately the next morning after my incident, I started aggressively looking on the internet for a lawyer. Mr.Salah and his firm came up with tons of amazing reviews and stories. After an introduction call with Mr.Saleh, I immediately decided to move forward with his service. The firm worked closely with me and assigned me different assignments to do, that I would present in court to the judge, to show me in a favorable light and that I'd done my due diligence. I had court with Mr.Saleh and things went to well! No points at all on my license, fines went down to under $200, most charges dropped and no convictions at all. I am happy with this outcome and would recommend this lawyer and law firm!!!

    - T A
    "From the bottom of heart I thank you"

    With criminal charges starting at age 18 and I’m now 45 I recently got a subsequent charge. Working hard at family and work life over the years this would have ruined it all. Stressed to the max I searched for the person who could do what others couldn’t. Arya and his team structured a plan for me and I walked today from court. Being no stranger to the courtroom he was more than impressive, he owned it. Be honest with him, do what he says and you will no doubt be in the best possible position you could be in when you walk in with him. From the bottom of heart I thank you and your team for all that you did

    - Ryan W
    "Worth every penny, no question"

    I was recommended to Arya Saleh by a friend who had used his services previously. Mr. Saleh immediately returned my call. As this was my first DUI and I crashed I was terrified of what my consequences might be and what might happen to my life. Mr. Saleh gave me a blueprint of the classes I should take and that I simply needed to follow his advice. Truthfully, some of it I didn't understand, but I did it. And I've never been more glad. I was looking at heavy consequences, including very large fines and a conviction, rare for a 1st time. Instead I walked out of court with an amazing outcome because I listened to Arya. My life would be very different right now if he hadn't fought for me.  Arya Saleh is worth every penny, no question, if you find yourself in my situation.

    - Michele P
    "Exceeded our expectations"

    After getting my first DWI, my fiance searched local lawyers in the Frederick, MD area and came across some great reviews for Arya Saleh. We contacted their office and after consulting with him over the phone, we found that he was very knowledgeable when it comes to what to expect when faced with these charges. His experience spoke for itself, because of his background as a former prosecuter, but he was also very friendly and fair in terms of how much it cost for his retainer fee. He and his team were worth every penny of what we paid to retain their services. He recommended a curriculum which he instructed we follow to a T, to ensure the best possible outcome in court. Having followed his instructions exactly, combined his relationships with important figures at the courthouse, he was able to help me get the best outcome possible of probation with no supervision, and minimal fines. I was facing a couple of charges that would've resulted in 12+ points on my license, which were completely dropped, along with the thousands of dollars in fees that I was anticipating having to pay for my charges. Mr. Saleh exceeded our expectations, and he is definitely someone you should consider hiring if you are faced with criminal charges. Highly recommend.

    - Brian B

    I’ve had Arya represent me three times now and each case was seamless and has gone very well for me. Arya is very well known throughout the court house and has great relationships with each and everyone in the building. They aren’t kidding when they say he’s the best lawyer in Frederick!

    - Bruce I
    "I had faith in him"

    Mr. Saleh succeeded in what he said he would do for my difficult case (which was a Hit and Run DUI) He got the prosecution to drop all of my charges except one (DUI Per Se) which was severely reduced (unsupervised PBJ and 300 fine instead of 1000) by the judge because I listened to Mr. Saleh and his great team and I had faith in him. If you are in need of a great DUI lawyer pick Mr. Saleh, I'm happy I did.

    - Reis